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What makes SFN different?
We have a wealth of collective experience working with integrators, industrial maintenance, automation specialists, robot programmers, and engineers. Therefore, any candidates we recommend to you has been selected by someone who has personally performed the function. TECHNICAL PEOPLE FINDING TECHNICAL PEOPLE
Management Tourniquet Service
People leave companies for various reasons. When they do, valuable knowledge goes with them, projects fall behind, and the stress falls onto other team member.Contact us today and we can have a representative onsite to shadow the existing team member within 48 hours. We will document critical functions and knowledge to secure a healthier transition. Customizable options are available for exit shadowing, assisted hiring, management bridging, and new hire training
Why we exist
Interviewing someone for a job you dont't know how to perform is nearly impossible. We know these jobs, because we've done these jobs. People often embelish their resumes. We can tell who can do the job and who can tailor their resume. Looking through resumes and scheduling / conducting interviews is time consuming, expensive and may not get your full attention because of business conditions. Only do it once with fully vetted candidates!
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